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Welcome to Core Chiropractic Wellness!

We offer a warm, inviting environment that is comfortable for all ages. Your first visit is about getting to know you and your goals, followed by detailing the results of your exam. You’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment right away to start relieving any pain you’re experiencing.

Getting Started

Please bring identification with you. We’ll get you started on the necessary paperwork. Then, you’ll meet with Dr. Whitted to discuss your health history and other relevant issues. We’ll also discuss what chiropractic care is and what it may be able to do for you, and X-rays will be taken.

Next, Dr. Whitted will give you a report of findings so that you understand what we’ve found from your examination and X-rays. You’ll receive our best recommendations, then a chiropractic adjustment and myofascial massage.

This process takes 90-120 minutes in total.

Following Up

When you return for regular visits, Dr. Whitted will give you an adjustment and answer any questions you have. These appointments take just 30-45 minutes. If you have been in pain for some time, keep in mind that it took years for your body to get to this point and it may take some time to recover. Dr. Whitted will always keep you informed and have your best interest in mind.

Schedule your appointment today! Early and late appointment hours are available.

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