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Cupping at Core Chiropractic Wellness

If you have persistent pain, therapeutic cupping can offer a natural solution for the problem. Compliment your chiropractic care with cupping at Core Chiropractic Wellness.

Doctor Cupping Patient

Giving Your Healing a Boost

A simple cup has a hole with a plunger in it that is attached to your problem area. The plunger removes the air between your skin and the cup, creating a vacuum. It’s a quick, efficient option to relax your fascia and muscles that have been tense or in spasm. It even pulls toxins out of the problem area to assist in your recovery.

We’ll explain the process to you before beginning, and Dr. Whitted can demonstrate how it works on his arm so that you know what to expect. The fees for cupping are kept affordable, and it takes just a few minutes to complete a session.

Contact our office today to get started! We offer same-day appointments with early and late hours available for your convenience.


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